Wiksten tank – the one that fits!

This is a cautionary tale about checking what you are printing very carefully! I was so frustrated that my first Wiksten tank was too big – it’s close to being the perfect pattern and I knew I’d be wearing it all summer (if we ever get a summer…) as long as I could get the sizing and fit right.

Wiksten tank pattern cover

A lovely, simple pattern

A trawl through some blogs – and thanks to people for comments on my last post – revealed that most people found that if you use your bust measurement the tank came out a pretty accurate size. As I’d done this I began to realise that I should stop blaming the pattern as it was probably a mistake that I’d made ;-). I printed out the pattern again, making doubly sure I checked the “print at 100%” box and lo and behold, when I taped all the pieces together and cut it out, it was quite a bit smaller than the pattern I used last time.

Flower pattern fabric

Although I was feeling a lot more confident, I decided that it would be a very good idea to make another muslin! As I didn’t want to spend too much time on it, I left off the pocket (though I think it would have been very satisfying to match up the pattern like other people have!). I also used shop-bought bias binding – it looks fine but I did feel as though I was cheating…

Here’s the finished top:

Wiksten tank in voile hanging up

Best of all, it fits! The fabric is great though very thin so I will need a vest underneath – lets face it, in the UK that’s not going to pose much of a problem, even in summer!

What have I learnt? Read the printing instructions and follow them CAREFULLY, even if the OH is standing over you muttering darkly about how long you’re taking :-) I’m planning on NOT making that mistake again!

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