Selfish sewing – Washi tunic

After an Olympic-sized gap in my sewing (can you guess what I was watching for 2 weeks?) I was desperate to get back to my machine so as soon as I saw that Made by Rae’s Washi tunic/dress pattern was finally on sale, I jumped right in and bought it (I LOVE being able to spot a pattern online, buy it and print it out straight away)!

I’m not really a dress person, though I wish I was, so I immediately got to work sticking the pattern pieces together and cutting the tunic pattern out. Rae’s instructions are wonderfully clear with lots of extra hints and comments which make it a breeze to put together. Although she suggests making a muslin (and even gives instructions on how to) I was obviously really missing the buzz you get from finishing a piece so I chose to jump right in with my lovely Liberty fabric. Eeek! I compared my measurements against Rae’s chart and decided to make a medium. Luckily, it worked out fine and although the bodice is maybe slightly more fitted than I’d like (I definitely mustn’t go putting on any weight!) it fits fine.

Made by Rae top liberty print

Sorry about the wrinkles – it needs an iron!

The shirring at the back is brilliant, giving just the right amount of give to slip the tunic on without being too loose or ending up with lots of fabric billowing around. It also means the tunic much quicker to make than if you had to insert a zip or add buttons and buttonholes.

Shirring on back of top

It also means that it is SO comfortable to wear! I have a feeling that this pattern will become a staple in my wardrobe and I’m definitely going to be making more. I chose not to include the cut-out neckline as I thought it might make the top a bit too low cut for me but I think next time I will try it. I also want to have a go at the dress because I love the idea of the pockets (so easily pleased…)

Thanks, Rae, for your Washi pattern! Now to get on with some more sewing before the Paralympics starts!

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  1. Oh I really like this! I think I need to go visit her website. Enabler! Heehee

  2. I love, love, love Made by Rae! Great job on the Washi top.

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