Show off bag!

For a long time now, I’ve been meaning to make a new bag to take out with E’s bits and pieces in – not as big as a nappy bag but bigger than my handbag. Finally getting tickets to the Paralympics (last Friday in the Olympic Stadium – we loved it!) goaded me into action – I knew there would be airport style security and wanted a presentable bag to put through the x-ray machine! I also wanted something that would do up so that I didn’t lose any precious toys (or snacks ;-) ) under my seat!

Having been so happy with my just-finished Washi tunic, I decided to try Rae’s Show-off bag as I knew her pattern would be easy to follow and go together well. I wasn’t disappointed!

Made by Rae handbag

I love the shape and fabric I chose though it probably isn’t the most suitable as it’s a bit light and any little stain will show up! Also – can you spot my *ahem* deliberate mistake? Rae’s pattern had one pocket but as I will be *trying* to keep it tidy I decided to also include a double pocket on the other side.

Pocket in handmade bag

Double pocket in handmade bag

I used a pretty polka dot cotton inside.

I also decided to add two press studs to the top part of the bag. Before I oversewed the handles into place, I marked where they would lie and then sewed the press studs underneath to hide them away. As they are big, I couldn’t then machine sew the handles so I used double thread to hand stitch them along the edge of the bag. So far they’ve held up very well!

Light blue handmade made by Rae bag

I love my new bag and so does my OH! It’s roomy enough to fit in everything we need but looks neat and pretty stylish too!

What fabric would you showcase in this bag?

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  1. Ooh love this! Seems like there’s plenty of space/compartments too.

    • Thanks! Having used it for a while now I still think it’s great – there’s room for everything I need yet it never looks crammed full (which is very unusual for me!).

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