My me-made resolution

Only 2 months late, I’ve finally decided on a New Year’s resolution!

So, my “it’s nearly spring” resolution? Unsurprisingly, it’s sewing! More precisely, sewing for me.

For ages now, I’ve felt unsatisfied with a lot of things and one thing that really frustrates me is my self image. I open my cupboard and hate the clothes I see, nothing in the shops suits me etc. Now part of this might be that a BIG birthday is hurtling towards me. But let’s face it, that just means I need an even bigger shift in my mindset! No one is going to change anything for me – if I want things to be different, I need to work out what to do to change myself.

One thing that has stopped me sewing much for myself (apart from fit issues with EVERYthing I have tried) is that I tend to have a slight should-be-sewing-for-E-not-me feeling. However I’ve worked through that by thinking “she has loads of clothes!” Anyway, her clothes tend not to take too long and I’m sure I won’t stop sewing for her altogether!

A recent weekend at the in-laws gave me a chance to spend some time browsing some new blogs and some that I don’t often read. What a revelation! There are some fantastic UK bloggers out there making amazing clothes. They know all the technical details and pattern adjustment but they also know what suits them. They’re not afraid to say they started a project and then put it aside; they’re not afraid to laugh at themselves. What a change to the blogs I have been reading – images of perfection – many children running around barefoot in handmade clothes while mum quickly whips a little skirt or top to wear out for a picnic in the sun? Not good reading for someone who isn’t feeling too good about herself!

So my plan is to make at least one new item for me per month.

My list:

Sewaholic (any pattern designed for a pear shape is just fine by me ;-)
75-1Minoru jacket
Sewaholic pantsThurlow trousers
Sewaholic knit Renfrew top
Wiksten tova (I have one started from months ago)
Deer & Doe Robe Sureau
Vogue 1247 top and skirt
Jacket and top from Stitch Savvy by Deborah Moebes
Colette Jasmine blouse

Now all I have to do is get started!

Is there any other pattern which I should definitely try?

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